Italian soup "Zupa Tuscany"

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Offer you, dear cooks my favorite soup I tasted at an Italian restaurant in America. So delicious, rich, hearty, and garlic-butter...! Thank you Nastya, my friend for the recipe! In General, try it yourself, you will not regret!!!

Ingredients for Italian soup "Zupa Tuscany"

Step by step instruction of cooking Italian soup "Zupa Tuscany"

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It is better to prepare all foods in advance as the soup cooks very quickly. The first step we cut the bacon and fry it. Put in a pan in which soup will be cooked, but the fat (after roasting) leave. While frying the bacon and put a kettle of water to boil, it is useful to us later, but it all goes very fast.

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Now the meat. I have beef with Italian spices, but you can make a home. I usually take half (one that is a little more cut and decided to take a picture, I hope someone come in handy.) I recommend to prepare the stuffing the day before will use it. Add in ground meat (preferably pork) salt, paprika, dry garlic powder, pork or beef broth, hot pepper, thyme and a little water... All spices must be rubbed in the sand. Put in the fridge overnight at least, and then only use.

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Cut into cubes and fry in the same fat from under the bacon. It should not fry the cubes, and stirring constantly with a spatula as it spread in small pieces. This process takes about 5 minutes, not Iriarte. Once the beef is ready, add the garlic, passed through a press or grated on a fine grater. To mix, wait 20 seconds and add to the bacon.

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Potatoes are best taken young. Well wash and cut into small pieces. If the potatoes are old, too, can simply peel. We have the potatoes already in the shop has a clean, even crackle is not in the soup. But if you are in any doubt about the fact that purity is not achieved, it is probably better to clean.

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Add the potatoes to the pan, also poklast 1 tsp with slide dry chicken broth. A little prisolit, and pepper. Pour boiling water to cover the potatoes. Cook for approximately 20 minutes, until the potatoes are done on medium heat and cover do not cover! You may need slightly more or less time.

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A La carte served the soup with finely chopped Kale, or rip it up, I like it better... Bon appetite my friends! While Kayla is not in the ingredients on the cook, then add (and this phrase is removed;)

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With bread-recipe - with garlic bread... I Got a baguette with chilli and cream cheese. Nice!