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Vitamin salad-egg

Vitamin salad-egg

What I want to see? Only one is preparing this salad for one, two, three four. All of the cases for 15 minutes. And more fun. One of my favorite salads, by the way. Here is vitamin egg salad, but cucumber and onion. And, of course, always with mayonnaise. Without him there ... well, can not do!

Cooking time 15 minutes Number of servings6

Ingredients for Vitamin salad-egg

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Vitamin salad-egg

Step 1

Of course, this salad is more appropriate when not greenhouse cucumber-watery and christavia and pimples. So with Dewdrop, but with gryadochki, under the summer sun. But, alas, for lack of a stamp will keep it down a little with a feather on a simple.
So – again!
Such are cucumbers better peel. I did not say, but the skin in these ... hard. And then to cut. Cubes. And better smaller.

Step 2

But with eggs in the house no problem. Next to the chicken coop and the chickens try. And we feed them too, not sparing zernikow and herbal balls (this is not a feed – eslice). Chickens special attention to the weather do not pay, walk even in the most severe frosts. So eggs are really tasty. And fresh, of course.
Chop too finely.

Step 3

Three is Onions. Sure that is called green. Though not from the garden street, but not from the supermarket. A no, and your. Also need to cut finely.

Step 4

Food – almost everything. On only technique.
Four Mix. Gently, but thoroughly.