Riet fish

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Eating once purchased Riet of salmon, she decided to cook something similar. Riet is a French appetizer that looks like pate, but different in texture. Toast or a piece of fresh bread on which to spread this delicate pate... mmm, try will not regret it.

Ingredients for Riet fish

Step by step instruction of cooking Riet fish

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So, boiled fish, ricotta and sauce mix, salt and other spices you can add to taste. I think if the fish bake, not cook, will be even tastier. I originally planned to chop the olives and add to rejet, but not all my family members love them (but they are there), so I just decorated them, then put all the decoration myself on a sandwich!

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Let Riet stand up an hour in the fridge, and then you can enjoy this simple and delicious snack! Though without a fridge already delicious! Bon appetit!