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Beef, stewed in a pot

Beef, stewed in a pot

Culotte de boeuf braise dans le pot. This recipe came across, leafing through an old (or rather very old) book, in search of some new ideas... That turned the meat.

Cooking time 400 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Beef, stewed in a pot

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Beef, stewed in a pot

Step 1

Photo of "Almanac of the Grocery store," Mr. Radetsky. Of course, it is good to him in those years was to write these recipes – any "decent" cuisine in the late 19th century, except the cook, were considered and a number of staff. And what shall we do? So the dish turned out very "long", and is not much simplified.
I also want to say: for the sake of interest, if you are not lazy, get a French name (something in parenthesis) in a couple of online translators prikoletes...

Step 2

2/3 of celery, 2/3 of the leeks (cut into thick rings), parsley, parsnips and carrots vivarium in beef broth over low heat for about 2 hours. At the end of cooking, collect the fat floating on top in a Cup – will come in handy then...

Step 3

A piece of beef slightly repel, twisted in either a roll, or in such a package and tied thread...

Step 4

While the meat stew make "mashed potatoes". The remains of celery cut into strips. The remains of the leeks – in medium rings. Tomatoes grate on a grater, skins discarded. In principle, you can use tomato juice (homemade)...

Step 5

In a large saucepan pour a glass of "bouillon inches", those who left earlier. When the boil – vkidyvaem celery and leeks. Boil for about 30 minutes...

Step 6

Then add the tomato and ovarium to density...

Step 7

Meat is freed from the thread and cut on the fat "medallions". Slightly cooled vegetable mixture in a blender interrupting...

Step 8

Download pot:
- meat,
- meat...

Step 9

Neatly around the edge add 100 ml wine and 100 ml of brez...

Step 10

Put in heated to 200 oven for 1 hour. Recoverable, check the on the readiness and decide still to hold, or enough...

Step 11

Served with any side dish You like.

Bon Appetit!