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On Your court - my first time. Dish of the Uighur cuisine is beyond words - it should be simply there, spicy, sour-sweet, feerichno (finally found the right word). Love this dish from my youth, and I hope among Chefs there are fans of this bright (and the taste and sight) of food.

Ingredients for Ashlyam-fu

Step by step instruction of cooking Ashlyam-fu

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DOUGH: 1-2 eggs; 0,6 l of water, 1.5 kg of flour. In a Cup of flour, break 1 egg, pour boiled water, knead the dough, as the noodles. To give the rest up. Thinly slice the noodles, boil, drain, sprinkle with oil, mix well. (You can boil ready spaghetti)
Corn starch 80 gr
Water 400 ml
Vinegar 6% 50 gr
Salt to taste
Vegetable oil 2 tbsp
Dissolve in a small amount of water starch, in boiling water to pour vinegar, salt. Subtract boiling, pour the diluted starch, after boiling on low heat, stirring constantly, boil for 20 minutes, flat dish and grease with vegetable oil and pour it into a jelly, it is good to chill to (almost) gummy hardness, cut, wetting the knife in cold water, cubes, or cubes, put into the refrigerator, covered with film.
OMELET: 80 ml milk
4 eggs
1 tbsp butter
salt to taste. Beat the eggs with milk and salt, fry in butter omelet with two sides, to cool, cut into strips and, there, in the fridge.
SAUCE: 1)One large green radish slice it into small strips +two Bulgarian red pepper, finely chop and fry in small amount of vegetable oil. 2) 4 eggs then stir fry in the pan (the talker). Large pieces of eggs to mash these, pour water to cover them to boil, then the eggs, throw finely chopped jusi (wild onion), combine with radish and pepper, bring to a boil and turn off. In a separate container to pour 1-1.5 liters of water (better to use cooled boiled water). You can tint it roasted with sugar (1 teaspoon sugar fry in pan until brown). Water, salt, pokusit (water must be very acidic, vinegar is recommended only for table). Spread this sauce eggs with djusai and vegetables.
And NOW the MOST IMPORTANT - LAZY: 0.5 kg garlic -crushed (not rekomenduetsya the use of "chesnokodavki" ), add 0.5 Cup hot red pepper (powder), add 0.5 Cup sweet pepper (powder). You can also add lightly fried in oil, minced 1-2 pieces of sweet peppers and 1-2 sharp 1 part sugar. This lazy and self ashlyam-fu turns out very beautiful. And all to fill with HOT vegetable oil (1 Cup), mix well. It is recommended to store in the fridge. (Also very tasty to use a "lazy" with lagman and Manty, ANYWHERE, for those who love witty)
In a flat small plate, put the noodles, then cut the jelly, then 1-2 teaspoons of the "lazy" and pour on top the sauce with the eggs. Add the cucumber, cut into strips and ENJOY!