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Very chocolate cupcakes with curd cream

Very chocolate cupcakes with curd cream

It has become fashionable to make cupcakes. Husband sometimes grumbles that this is the same cupcakes, but with cream on top. It may be so. But for me, a cupcake is a small cake. Portioned fun in which it is hard to deny - he's so tiny, and you can eat ;). But these chocolate cupcakes, definitely not cupcakes and not muffins. It is very delicate and crumbly they have the dough. Absolutely not dry, a bit, with a super rich chocolate flavor. And the cheese-butter cream to them is very suitable. OK, let's start cooking?

Cooking time 50 minutes Number of servings11

Ingredients for Very chocolate cupcakes with curd cream

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Very chocolate cupcakes with curd cream

Step 1

The dough is very simple. Mix the dry ingredients: flour and cocoa, you must first sift, the rest are just add.

Step 2

Mix the liquid ingredients. They are all given in grams (except eggs), I just put it on the counter and poured.

Step 3

Add wet to dry, just mix the dough until smooth, nothing to beat is not necessary.

Step 4

I prefer to put the dough into shapes using a pastry bag. It turns out very gently. So I transferred the batter into a disposable pastry bag. You can put a spoon - as you prefer.

Step 5

So I fill the molds. The dough is very tender, remove from the forms, it will be difficult without damaging, so I put paper tabs-molds in silicone.

Step 6

While cupcakes bake, make the cream. Beat white butter with sugar powder.

Step 7

Slowly add curd and vanilla essence. Try the cream. If you will find it unsweetened - add more powder to taste. If suddenly too tight (dry) and cottage cheese, you can add condensed milk or sour cream, but a little, it needs to be thick enough and keep good form.

Step 8

I bought this TV and decided with her to try to decorate our cupcakes.

Step 9

Still wanted some color, so the bag caused by the brush strips of the dye, then put the cream.

Step 10

Here is a photo of the cut, see what a beautiful structure?
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