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Jollof rice with chicken

Jollof rice with chicken

My wife loves Jamie Oliver, has long been unanswered. At first I didn't pay attention to it: where Oliver is, and where is she? They are separated by 8500 km, and his wife - model and five children. But recently the wife made me jealous. Became involved on one site in competition for Oliver's recipes, where the main prize was a lunch (dinner) with this Jamie. Don't know where they would have been slaughtered "arrow", and as much as she gets. But the site (Thank God) safely collapsed, the winner was never announced. On the eve of Women's day decided to please his wife and cooked her dinner on prescription Jamie. I want to say, as a cook, he's a nice guy man. But I "scrappy" and am worth something. This dish belongs to the African kitchen.

Cooking time 50 minutes Number of servings2

Ingredients for Jollof rice with chicken

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Jollof rice with chicken

Step 1

In a frying pan or skillet pour oil, heated, put chicken thighs and fry on both sides over medium heat until it will turn brown 7-8 minutes.

Step 2

Shift the hips to the form, put the cherry tomatoes and bake 40 minutes at 180 degrees.
The author offers bake for 20 minutes, then put tomatoes, but in this case, in my opinion, tomatoes do not reach the required softness.

Step 3

Vegetables and herbs wash, peel.
Finely chop the onion, garlic, chilli and parsley stalks.

Step 4

In the pan where we fried the chicken, if necessary add more oil, saute the vegetables on low heat for 10 minutes. Add the tomato paste and the chopped tomatoes. Stir.

Step 5

Add chicken broth, salt, bring to a boil over low heat and simmer 5 minutes.

Step 6

For this recipe required long grain rice. In my opinion, rice "Jasmine" from "Mistral" fits perfectly.

Step 7

Put rice, cover and cook 15 minutes over low heat, stirring occasionally and adding broth as needed.

Step 8

Once the chicken is ready, put the baked tomatoes (with chicken) to the rice.
There also pour the juice left over from roasting chicken.

Step 9

Mash the tomatoes with a fork, add chopped parsley leaves, stir.

Step 10

Disable fire.

Step 11

Serve chicken on a bed of rice with a slice of lemon.
Photo device - a gift to his wife - vydavlivaem lemon juice. I forgot the name.
Bon appetit!