Canned fruit in a pot "Winter rumtopf"

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Rumtopf (it. Rumtopf) - literally means rum pot. This dish of German cuisine, which is a fruits and berries in sweet syrup with rum. According to tradition, to prepare rumtopf begin in the summer, when strawberries ripen first. In a deep pot pour the rum, put the berries, cover with sugar, mix and wait until the next ripe berry. As the ripening of berries and fruits - put them in a pot, adding the rum and sugar. The composition of rumtopf not clearly regulated - there are strawberries, and currants, and plums, and apples, and cherries, and pears - in General anything that grows in your garden. When the summer is over, and the pot will be filled to the top of the berry-fruit platter - take it away in a cool place for two months. In the process of maturation of rumtopf, fruits and berries secrete a juice, the sugar dissolves, the fruit juice is mixed with sugar and rum... my God, how can withstand two months???

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Ingredients for Canned fruit in a pot "Winter rumtopf"

Step by step instruction of cooking Canned fruit in a pot "Winter rumtopf"

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I saw online that there are special pots for rumtopf. Ceramic, with lid and two handles. Amazingly beautiful. I hope someday I will have such a pot. Well, while it is not, I use an ordinary jar. On the bottom pour the cognac.

In the original recipe rumtopf is prepared with rum (because he "rum"), but brandy I love more - so I have cognac. And generally speaking I met some recipes and other alcohol - with Kirsch, brandy and even vodka. The main condition is that alcohol must be at least 40 degrees

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Since my rumtopf winter, the berries are all frozen. If you cook with fresh berries - they need to be washed and dried, spilling on the towel. Otherwise rumtopf can become moldy.

So, we begin to collect a pot: put the currants. I have black, and red

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Add in the cherries. Or strawberries, cranberries, lingonberries - that is at hand

Шаг 4

Sliced Apple or pear

Шаг 5

Washed raisins or prunes. Dried fruits to add are optional, but they add flavour

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Sliced Mandarin or oranges

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Each layer peresypaya sugar. I used brown sugar, Demerara TM "Mistral". Its caramel flavor gave my rumtopf a special touch

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All gently stir. Here is rumtopf after mixing.

Now it is necessary to remove in a cool dark place for 2 months, stir occasionally. I did not have the patience

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Rumtopf eaten as a compote as a dessert

It is used in desserts

They pour a delicious ice cream, pancakes, crepes, waffles. I dusted yoghurt jelly