Sausage rolls "For fun!"

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Friends, let us together with you cook sausages in the dough! And diet though, a little, spoil yourself! All recipe will be easy! To the test we have no issues! Delicate, airy! Very, very tasty! It is easy to work for yourself then you will understand! Kids can help coat lush roll! If that balance will be pies to make! Who doesn't love pies! And, moreover, it is easy!

Ingredients for Sausage rolls "For fun!"

Step by step instruction of cooking Sausage rolls "For fun!"

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In a large stockpot combine the warm milk and water, add sugar and yeast

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Stir, leave for 10-15 minutes

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Then add 6 tbsp vegetable oil, salt

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Sift the flour

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Knead soft, slightly stick to hands dough

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The pan cover with a towel or a lid, put in a warm place for 2 hours

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2 times to press down

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When the dough is ready, hands and work surface to be oiled

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Divide the dough into equal balls, size of an egg

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Each ball is good to press down or roll out (I always just obminu, the dough is very pliable plastic, not sticky), put the sausage.
Sausage pre-boil!

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Connect the edges, slapped, form a Patty (you can do braids, weave, etc..) we love simple

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Just put on a heated (but not hot!) the pan with plenty of vegetable oil

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Fry on medium heat on both sides until Golden brown (I sometimes fry under the lid, or mesh)
Once again, oil have a lot, a small fire, to avoid burning.
Friends, sorry for molding, the kids made.

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Spread on paper towel to remove excess oil

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Sausage rolls are ready. Coat very tasty light and fluffy.

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Bon appetit!