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Soup-puree of white beans

Soup-puree of white beans

Very tasty and hearty soup of white beans and cauliflower.

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Ingredients for Soup-puree of white beans

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Soup-puree of white beans

Step 1

White beans soaked in the evening
in cold water. After 15 hours
water poured out and washed beans
running water. Beans poured
in a saucepan pour the water so that
the beans were completely in the water.
Cooked it on low heat until soft
minutes 70. Little bean was postponed for
jewelry. Poured the broth and brought to
boil. ( During lent the broth better
to use a vegetable.)

Step 2

Cauliflower disassembled on inflorescences
and put it in the pan. Onion sliced finely
and massirovala olive oil.

Step 3

With a pot of soup added Bulgarian
pepper for flavor. Put browned
onion, Bay leaf and red pepper.
Cooked the soup for 20 minutes.

Step 4

Soup shredded hand blender
to the state of puree.

Step 5

Finely rubbed with garlic and put
in a pot of mashed potatoes. Puree mix.

Step 6

Soup laid out on bowls.

Step 7

Put in each portion of cooked
beans and sprinkled dried rosemary.
Fresh rosemary is more fragrant
but I have at the moment, it was not.

Step 8

The soup is thick, fragrant and very tasty!
On the table with the soup, you can file any bread.
I have very delicious bread with the addition of Tallinn
cumin. When I go on vacation, always take it
for relatives.