Apple pie with custard

105 - 60 минут 12 порции

On our website already 942 pie with apples. Looked at all, or that no recipe, or just been glazonki not seen. So do not throw Slippers, if that. The cake turns out delicious, tender and very interesting, especially on the cut.

Ingredients for Apple pie with custard

Step by step instruction of cooking Apple pie with custard

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This kind of cane sugar from TM "Mistral" very taken root in my kitchen for baking. It is perfectly soluble in the liquid and while beating. And it gives the cakes a subtle caramel flavour, which we really like.

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For the dough mix all ingredients (except apples) until smooth and fill the form, pouring into the middle. Apples to drown in the dough, but the middle, they should be empty.

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Bake at 180*C for about 40-45 minutes, consider your oven.

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When our pie is almost ready, start making the cream. For this mix all ingredients and cook on low heat until thick, stirring all the time. Remove the cream from heat.
Take out the pie from the oven.

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Filled with cream, apples and space in the test, generated with the help of his flower. Well, just to cover the cream top.

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Sprinkle with powdered sugar and served with tea.

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I apologize for the photo quality, but were able to capture only way.