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Tongue salad with celery

Tongue salad with celery

A delicious and hearty salad. Those who do not like the language can replace it with boiled meat. For the recipe thanks to Irina moyugolok.

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Ingredients for Tongue salad with celery

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Tongue salad with celery

Step 1

Celery clean and cut into thin wedges, then fry it in a pan in olive oil until tender, then allow to cool.

Step 2

To put it in a Cup of language, cut into wedges.

Step 3

Add pickled onions (drain from the marinade).

Step 4

Add pickles, cut into wedges.

Step 5

Spread sauteed celery.

Step 6

Prepare the filling: mix the sour cream with the mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt and sugar.

Step 7

On dish put the lettuce, it is best to take green salad, type of lettuce, Romaine or Lollo Bionda, but you can do with arugula.

Step 8

Spread on top and decorate with halves of eggs and cherry tomatoes and olives.
Refills can be submitted in a gravy boat or pour it on top of the salad.
Bon appetit!