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Ham from pork neck

Ham from pork neck

Very juicy, soft meat is cooked very simple, the method is slow cooking. Importantly, no errors, just can not be. The recipe is very convenient for family holidays, when the hostess a lot of trouble and shortage of time. Put it in the oven and forgotten.

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Ingredients for Ham from pork neck

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Ham from pork neck

Step 1

Take a large piece of pork neck. Cut away the bad pieces, giving the cut the correct rounded shape. RUB the meat with crushed garlic and spices. Salt do not use. We put the meat in a plastic bag, expel air from the bag, tie and put to marinate in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf. It is advisable to lie down for the meat in the cold is not less than a day (but not more than three). This pork will be softer and more aromatic.

Step 2

Take out the meat from the refrigerator, RUB with salt and tightly tied with twine made of natural fibers. This operation improves the appearance of the finished product.

Step 3

When the time comes to serve hot on the table - just take out the meat from utyatnitsu and spread on a suitable dish. The sauce it is desirable to choose such that its taste is not interrupted, but only emphasized the taste of the meat. For example, cranberry.