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Bread "Ukrainian"


Delicious scones! The recipe is so simple that it turns out even such "teapot" in matters of baking, like me. Moreover, remembering his first error, try to write down the recipe in great detail. He might be useful to those who (like me) can not "work test"...

Cooking time 180 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Bread "Ukrainian"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Bread "Ukrainian"

Step 1

Sift the flour into a large bowl. Add sugar and salt. In the middle make a depression.

Step 2

In a small Cup weigh out the yeast. There also splash a bit of warm milk, put in a warm place and wait until the yeast starts to work (foaming). I want to draw attention to the word "warm". For me "warm" is a little bit warmer than my hand, that is 40 degree... As it turned out – yeasts have a different opinion. They need it hot. When preparing for publication – measured temperature of milk at 50 degrees. And put on the stove at the vents of the oven. 5 minutes – foam almost jumped out of the Cup...

Step 3

Measure out the oil. Pouring a little on hand, knead the dough by hand. From left to right. As soon as he felt that sticks to your fingers add more oil. And so, while not "vosem" all 80 cubes. The process is not long. I have enough 7 to 8 minutes (maybe 10). Form such that the gingerbread man. Bowl cover with a towel or cloth and put into warm. Better on the stove, especially if there is something ready...

Step 4

Wait when will rise up. That is, increased two times, maybe more. Sometimes it takes about 30 minutes, sometimes about an hour – depends on the temperature, I guess. And maybe the "mood" of the test.
Grease hand with oil and peremenam. Again give up. Again peremenam...

Step 5

We divide the dough into two parts. Each part roll out "sausages" on floured surface. Divide into equal parts.

Step 6

Of these parts, roll balls and put in baking dish. In this step I want to mention the nuances. 1 – instead of the form using a clay pan (diameter 26 cm). First, like the size, and secondly, a very interesting smell during baking, thirdly, any burning. But there are "minus" - to have cut out paper and covered the bottom and sides, as the clay is porous, and easy lubrication, the oil helps the dough stick. 2 - while the dough rises in the bowl, keeping the pan on the stove that she was warm. I explained to the Baker at work - yeast dough does not like changes in temperature and in cool shape it will be "not comfortable". 3 – Riding balls – do so: the pieces of dough to be kneaded strongly with your palms until they begin to stick, then protrusive the palm of your hand with flour and then roll the balls as balls...
Now these same "balls" put into the form. Those that are bigger on the edges, those smaller ones in the center...

Step 7

Send the form in a warm place for "proving process", covered with a towel. 15 minutes...20. At this time, our "balls" I will greatly increase in volume and will occupy the entire space of the form...

Step 8

Garlic press out in a small Cup. Add 2 tablespoons butter, stir. Add the finely chopped dill. Grease hot dumplings with this mixture...

Step 9

The dumplings come out very soft and airy. Even a day does not lose its qualities...

Bon appetit!