Roast Turkey meat pot

70 - 90 минут -

Cooked in pots Turkey meat gives a more intense taste and aroma. Prepare roast Turkey meat.

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Ingredients for Roast Turkey meat pot

Step by step instruction of cooking Roast Turkey meat pot

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Ingredients for cooking roast Turkey meat.

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The thigh part of the Turkey cut into thin strips, a little salt.

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Cut the potatoes into medium-sized cubes.

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Carrots cut into cubes (not granulate).

Шаг 5

Mushrooms plastics.

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Slice it into half rings onions.

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All the ingredients to combine in a bowl, except mushrooms,
add sweet bell pepper, spicy dried herbs, vegetable oil (3 tbsp),
salt add to taste.

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Mixture mix well.

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On the bottom of the pot pour about 1/3 Cup of water, add in each of the pots (there are only 3) chopped Turkey meat, then place a layer of mushrooms, put the vegetables (potatoes, carrots and onions).
In each of the pots to add a piece of Bay leaf.
On top of the vegetables, put a piece of butter 30-35 gr. Pots cover with a lid and put in a preheated 190-200*With the oven. Bake until ready. Readiness check with a fork.

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Fragrant roast meat, the Turkey is ready.

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Bon appetit!