Biscuits "Breakfast of Sultan"

67 - 30 минут -

Very simple in execution biscuits. The only thing that is required for a long period of maintaining the dough in the fridge. But the result is worth it, since the beginning of the baking in the kitchen fly prodigious flavors. The taste is very rich and bright.

Ingredients for Biscuits "Breakfast of Sultan"

Step by step instruction of cooking Biscuits "Breakfast of Sultan"

Шаг 1

Take almonds, roasted on a dry pan until a slight aroma.

Шаг 2

Grind the cooled almonds with a rolling pin into small crumbles.

Шаг 3

Take butter at room temperature, add the sugar. I have brown universal from "Mistral". Beat butter with sugar until smooth.

Шаг 4

Add the honey, I have a fake. Again whisk.

Шаг 5

Add salt and ginger powder, stir.

Шаг 6

Put flour and soda, stir. I recommend putting the flour in parts, it may need less.

Шаг 7

Add the crushed almonds and knead the dough. We make it a roller, wrap it in foil and put in 8 hours in the refrigerator. This will help to reveal the taste and aroma of ginger and honey biscuits.

Шаг 8

Get roller dough from the fridge and with a sharp knife cut into wedges with a thickness of 3 mm. Required a sharp knife, as you will come across pieces of almonds. Put the semi-finished biscuit on the laid baking paper baking sheet. The distance between biscuits 1-2 see I got 26 pieces. Put in heated to 180 degrees oven and bake for 15 minutes until just brown.

Шаг 9

Take out the finished cookies.
Bon appetit!