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Vegetable salad "Health"

Vegetable salad "Health"

Fresh, juicy, light and healthy fresh vegetable salad with berry dressing. Cooked very simply and quickly. Help yourself, it's delicious!

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Ingredients for Vegetable salad "Health"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Vegetable salad "Health"

Step 1

Cranberries thawed (if using fresh berries to sort, wash, dry)
Slightly mash them with a fork and RUB berry mixture through a sieve.
Instead of cranberry perfect cranberry, red currant or viburnum.

Step 2

In berry puree, add sugar, stir until dissolved last.

Step 3

Vegetables clean. Every vegetable grate for cooking Korean carrot or cut into fine strips. Prepared vegetables spread out in separate bowls and add to each a teaspoon of vegetable oil, stir and let stand for a few minutes. (it will not give beet straws much to paint the rest of the vegetables when mixing the salad)
Vegetables it is better to take medium size, about 150 g each.