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Lenten vegetable soup with chickpeas

Lenten vegetable soup with chickpeas

Full-bodied, tasty, vegetable soup.

Cooking time- Number of servings4

Ingredients for Lenten vegetable soup with chickpeas

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Lenten vegetable soup with chickpeas

Step 1

I really like the chickpeas TM Mistral. It is clean, large and with excellent taste. I usually boil the chickpeas whole pack and freeze. Very convenient.

Step 2

Prepare the ingredients. Measure out the desired amount of boiled chickpeas. Vegetables and herbs to wash and clean as needed.

Step 3

Finely dice onion, carrot I rubbed on "Korean" grater, eggplant cut into medium-sized. Crush the garlic. The Brussels sprouts I cut in half.

Step 4

In a suitable pot heat olive oil, put onion and fry until desired degree of roast. Add the carrots. Fry. Add the garlic.

Step 5

Add eggplant, Brussels sprouts and chickpeas. Stir fry on medium heat, make sure that is not burnt, if necessary, you can pour a bit of boiling water.

Step 6

Grate the tomato.

Step 7

Mix everything and add spices. Stir again and simmer until cooked Brussels sprouts. At this stage, already makes a great side dish.

Step 8

Add the chopped spinach.

Step 9

Pour boiling water, bring to boil and cook under lid for 5 minutes on low heat. To turn off the heat and let the soup a little brew.

Step 10

My husband liked this photo...