Tomato salad tomato sauce

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Offer a simple recipe of tomatoes in tomato sauce. Of course need for a salad of ripe fleshy, sweet tomatoes, but I had tomatoes, I had to define them in the case. The salad can be made quickly and will delight you with its taste.

Ingredients for Tomato salad tomato sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Tomato salad tomato sauce

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Meanwhile, make the sauce. Tomato wash, dry and grate on a coarse grater, add salt, sugar, vinegar, garlic powder. In a pan pour oil and add mustard seeds, put on a high heat, cooks very quickly, be careful not burned. As soon as mustard seeds begin to jump and pop, remove from heat (this step is optional and you can skip, and add to the sauce any vegetable oil), add in the tomato sauce, mix well.

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Tomatoes and onions cut into rings or half rings. Place on a plate.

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Sauce pour tomatoes with onions. Garnish with Basil leaves and pepper.