Chicken fritters with cheese

97 - 60 минут -

Chicken fillet fritters with cheese turn out very tender, juicy and, of course, Very tasty! The recipe is quite simple, available to everyone!

Ingredients for Chicken fritters with cheese

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken fritters with cheese

Шаг 1

Fillet cut into cubes of 0.5-1 cm

Шаг 2

Cheese also cut into cubes

Шаг 3

Grind the herbs. Combine the ingredients

Шаг 4

Add eggs, kefir, salt, pepper mix, stir

Шаг 5

Fold in flour gradually. Mix well and leave for 30 min.

Шаг 6

Spread the batter spoon in a pan with hot vegetable oil and fry pancakes on both sides until Golden brown. Ready! Bon appetit!