The cheesecake with raspberries

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The curd is never too much! Agree? Found this recipe from Irina fadeaway. Simple and healthy Breakfast or afternoon snack. Interesting were some of the recommendations of the author, raisins, will share them with you! Let's start to cook?!

Ingredients for The cheesecake with raspberries

Step by step instruction of cooking The cheesecake with raspberries

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The author insists that corn starch is more delicate and proper cheesecake. I decided to try what happens if you use corn starch, and flour. So I divided the recipe into 2 and made 1 part corn starch, 2 part flour. So I reduced all the ingredients by 2 times (then repeated everything with the flour).
Break eggs into a bowl, add the sugar.

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Beat eggs with sugar until fluffy foam.

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While the eggs are whipped prepare the baking dish, I have a 22*22 size. Grease a form with butter and sprinkle with almond flour. This is one of the highlights of the author.

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Add the whipped eggs lemon zest and cheese.

Шаг 5

Starch (again - I have half a portion)

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Put on top of frozen berries (to get it as the begin to cook, especially not to defrost). In principle, the berries can be others.

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Bake at 180 degrees for about 40-50 minutes. Orientirueshsya on your oven.

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Allow to cool and enjoy!

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Honestly, in the test the difference was, and in the finished product the difference felt between a cheesecake with starch and flour.
The cheesecake turns thick, sits perfect. I think raspberry is here optional, and without it, with different berries and nuts to sprinkle. In General, your choice! Help yourself! To your health!