The starter on the fermented baked milk

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All we often bake bread with yeast, like the yeast for making bread or rolls on the fermented baked milk

Ingredients for The starter on the fermented baked milk

Step by step instruction of cooking The starter on the fermented baked milk

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Mix flour (100 g) and fermented baked milk (100 g) dough on density should be as for pancakes. If necessary, add a little more flour

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Then add a teaspoon of honey

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Stir and put in a warm place for a day (periodically stir, just 5 -6)

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On the second day, add 100 grams flour and 100 grams of sour milk, 1 teaspoon of honey-mix

Шаг 5

On day 3, the dough - the leaven is already with lots of bubbles. Can be divided in half

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The half starter in any bread recipe, muffins, etc., and half in the fridge (KNEADED DOUGH)

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Store can 10 days. In the day of baking, remove from the refrigerator, feed 100 g of flour + curd + honey. Split in half: half cakes, half in the fridge

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I hope you will be a useful recipe, the taste of the baked milk-creamy with a hint of acid