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Soup with zucchini "Dream of summer"

Soup with zucchini "Dream of summer"

I'm so sick of this dreary St. Petersburg autumn-winter... winter Or autumn? And the spring does not hurry up... Hurry summer! Summer, cottage, and... zucchini. I suggest to cheer yourself up and cook the soup with the zucchini: simple and tasty! Luckily, zucchini are now on sale at any time of the year, and preparation will not take much time. And this soup is very convenient to cook at the cottage, as it is used only pot (cauldron, slow cooker).

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Ingredients for Soup with zucchini "Dream of summer"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Soup with zucchini "Dream of summer"

Step 1

This soup is easy to cook in a thick-walled pot, casserole or slow cooker.
So, chop the onion and carrots, fry until soft in vegetable oil directly in the pan.

Step 2

Add the beef and fry a little.

Step 3

Pour water, bring to the boil and add the rice. Cook over medium heat for 10 min.

Step 4

Zucchini peeled, cut into.

Step 5

Add to the soup zucchini and melted cheese. Cook for another 15 min.

Step 6

Add the chopped garlic, salt, pepper. Turn off the heat and let the soup to infuse for 10 minutes Serve with fresh greens.