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Candy "Snail" out of marshmallow

Candy "Snail" out of marshmallow

Continuing the theme of school fairs, I post another recipe chocolates on sticks for children. Almost all kids love marshmallows, I suggest a quick and simple recipe with minimum cost.

Cooking time 15 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Candy "Snail" out of marshmallow

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Candy "Snail" out of marshmallow

Step 1

Take marshmallows (I took only 10 marshmallows to show how to prepare and what happens), you can also take the full bundle or two, depending on how many snails you want to get. Put in a deep bowl and add a couple tsp of lemon juice and you can add a few tbsp cold water, boiled. I have 10 marshmellows added 1 tsp of lemon juice without water. Juice be careful that our chocolates are not turned sour.

Step 2

Put in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Our marshmallow has melted and increased in 3 times. I opened the microwave every 5 seconds. checked. Look no prokaryote. And to the hot mixture add the powdered sugar.

Step 3

Then on the table put the mixture and knead with your hands, adding powdered sugar, until our marshmallows will not cease to stick to hands and becomes elastic.

Step 4

Divide marshmallows into 2,3 or 4 parts. It all depends on your imagination and desires. I decided that my candy will be tricolour, so divided into 3 parts. And in each part add food coloring of any colors. I decided one part left white, and the other two painted in yellow and red.

Step 5

Then wrap the bags in our creation and put into the fridge for 30 minutes.

Step 6

After 30 min. take out of the refrigerator our marshmallows and start of each piece to form sausages, pre-sprinkled with table sugar.

Step 7

Align our sausages so they were the same tulsiani and length

Step 8

And begin to tighten

Step 9

Or pony tail. It is a matter of creativity.

Step 10

And begin to twist our snails, dampening the brush with water, the side that we zavarazivaet to snail kept.

Step 11

Next, take a skewer and pierce the sharp end of our snail, about the middle of the candy

Step 12

The snails are ready. I recommend to leave to lie down for candy at room temperature for several hours to ensure that they are a little dry. 10 marshmellows I got 2 snails. Good luck!