Sugar glaze

218 - 5 минут 180 порции

The base recipe. Having tried many recipes for icing, I realized that no one is completely satisfied, some are shiny, some don't freeze and stick some bad fall. In the end, a lot of trial born this copyrighted recipe. All weighed in the balance, to avoid misunderstandings in terms of spoons, glasses, "slides". Another advantage of this recipe is that it does not contain raw egg white, but shiny and good adhesion. This same frosting I cover Easter cakes. Bookmark designed for the average size cupcake.

Ingredients for Sugar glaze

Step by step instruction of cooking Sugar glaze

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It is very important that powdered sugar was fine grinding. I do it myself, promalaga sugar in a coffee grinder.
Always start with the dry components. In a bowl pour the powder and mix it with starch. Then begin to pour milk with constant stirring. You may need a couple grams, it depends on the quality of the powder.
We begin to form a thick slurry.
Sometimes instead of milk I use orange juice.
Then begin to add vegetable oil.

Шаг 2

If we want a colored icing, you can use helium food coloring or natural supplements.
It is very important not to overdo it with the claim. dyes. This tab requires no more than 1 drop. I just do not pour it whole and put it on a separate spoon out little by little add in the frosting.