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Corn casserole with cream cheese

Corn casserole with cream cheese

Today I want to introduce you to another recipe that is prepared without dough. I will say again... "Clean pen"? And handles, and kitchen! Casserole is very delicate, fragrant, wonderful. Treat!

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Ingredients for Corn casserole with cream cheese

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Corn casserole with cream cheese

Step 1

Will use the bread for toast.
2 slices cut into triangles. the other cut in half.

Step 2

Cake form 25cm. covered with paper so that the edges hanging.

Step 3

Mix cottage cheese, sugar, vanilla sugar and yolks.

Step 4

The bottom of the form put the halves of bread and
with a spoon, carefully cover the bread with the cheese mass.
A bit! Just cover the bread.

Step 5

Triangles of bread spread on top.

Step 6

The cheese spread sliced peaches.

Step 7

And repeat...
Cheese, bread, cheese...

Step 8

The last layer of peaches.
Sprinkle with cranberries.

Step 9

Whisk milk with eggs.

Step 10

Fill the casserole with milk.
Not to rush it. Pour the parts, if the milk has risen
high... to wait and pour the remaining milk.
Pour and swim in the milk is not necessary!