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Candy "For children"

Candy "For children"

Continue the theme of cotvet for children. Post a new recipe candy "For children". Not difficult to prepare and very tasty. You can also prepare for a school fair or a kids ' birthday party. Hope you like it.

Cooking time 10 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Candy "For children"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Candy "For children"

Step 1

Grind to crumbs. I did it at the chopper, but you can on the grinder.

Step 2

Then we add our ingredients. I added condensed milk, no butter. You choose your option of cooking.

Step 3

If you make with butter, then add oil immediately. Condensed milk, add gradually and knead with your hands, as long as our weight be to form balls that will not fall apart.

Step 4

Then begin to sculpt our balls, the optimal size of a walnut or a Lollipop.

Step 5

If you choose our candy is not covered with chocolate, it is possible for beauty to roll in coconut. In white and color. To dye coconut struck easily. Take a normal pack, there pour white chips and added coloring. Closed and juliem package and our chip is painted perfectly. Even in the center of our candies to add a nut. So candy, similar to Raphael. I for example have one piece of candy rolled in colored coconut.

Step 6

We put our candy in the fridge for 10 minutes to lightly froze. While frozen, take the chocolate any white, dark or milk.

Step 7

And melt it either in microwave or on water bath. I took dark chocolate.

Step 8

Our candy can be put in paper molds for chocolates.

Step 9

And can be put on sticks. To do this, take a wooden skewer or straw for drinks, and dip it well in melted chocolate.

Step 10

Next, stick a straw in our candy. Chocolate helps to glue our design.

Step 11

Now take our candy and dip them in chocolate.

Step 12

And decorate with confectionery sprinkles.

Step 13

And you can decorate with thin strips of white chocolate, like I did. Or sprinkle izmelchenye nuts. It is a matter of your tastes and fantasies. The result is a kind of beauty to it. I wish you luck in cooking.