Millet with chicken hearts in cream

96 - 35 минут 6 порции

Delicious and pretty easy dish. Proven!

Ingredients for Millet with chicken hearts in cream

Step by step instruction of cooking Millet with chicken hearts in cream

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1. Before cooking chicken hearts, they must know how to handle - namely, remove the tape, trim excess fat and remove all blood clots. The photo of the product, of which I was preparing the dish.

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2. Treated hearts need to season with salt and spread in a well-heated pan with butter.

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4. After the chicken hearts were petosiris in its own juice and butter for about 20 minutes, add the two tablespoons of flour and then pour in the cream room temperature. Well stir the sauce to avoid lumps. Simmer chicken hearts about 10 minutes.

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5. After porridge is cooked, add the butter and stir everything well.

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6. In a bowl put a portion of cereal, then chicken hearts and on top of all pour the cream sauce. Optionally, the finished dish can be decorated with fresh greenery.

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7. And here I am with the finished dish.

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The finished dish! All a pleasant appetite!