Night bread

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On the website there is already a version of bread "Swedish night of bread" from Alia, but mine is completely different. In General, this recipe was intended for baking in an ordinary glass jar. But I could not find a suitable to the capacity and the bottleneck was at the same level. Because of our cans it will not shake later, so I did the form. I liked the fact that it is on the principle laid down, mixed and in form. The only thing you need to survive a night in the fridge. The taste is something reminiscent of bread " 7 cereals".

Ingredients for Night bread

Step by step instruction of cooking Night bread

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Buckwheat flakes of TM "Mistral" fry on a dry pan on low heat until the smell and Golden color. To the right of the cereal in its original form, the left roasted.

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In a bowl, mix all ingredients and add cereal. Thoroughly knead the dough. It turns out sticky, but not dry. Sugar is NOT to ADD ( even if you really want ), otherwise the dough You have per night percinet.

Шаг 3

Take the form, grease with butter and sprinkle with semolina or breadcrumbs. It must be sprinkled fully with no gap. I took silicone and just rinsed with water. Put the dough inside, close the top of the form with plastic, tie it off and remove overnight in the refrigerator. The dough is better to do for 8 hours before baking, because then there is a risk that it will peristitsa. The bread will turn out delicious, but will present a sour smell. The next morning a form with the dough out ( the dough will increase in two ), remove the polyethylene.

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The bread turns out with a very interesting structure, not wet, not soggy, but quite dense. With a slight aroma of buckwheat and walnut finish. What is it like bread " 7 cereals". Perfect for main dishes and sandwiches with tea or coffee. The loaf is roughly 300 grams.