Stewed apples and pears

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Compote in haste from apples, pears and one plum) in the summer Quenches thirst, nourishes the body with vitamins in the winter!

Ingredients for Stewed apples and pears

Step by step instruction of cooking Stewed apples and pears

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Fruits should be washed thoroughly.
If they are shopping - it is better to rinse them with hot stream to wash away the wax film.

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Fruit cut each into 6-8 pieces (not too small, not to turn everything to mush). Remove the core and cuttings

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Pour chopped fruit in separate bowl, sprinkle them with sugar and let it sit a little.
While fruit infused, you should boil 4 quarts of water.

Compote in the jam, in any case, you can add sugar if You seem a little.

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When the liquid boils, candied slices should be gently lowered into the pot. Fire and reduce at a gentle simmer cook for 10-15 minutes (depending on apples), until apples are soft. At the end of cooking the compote, put the zest of lemon, orange or cinnamon. (I used candied orange peel - a sort of candied, lay out and post about them).

Turn off the heat, close the lid.

Шаг 5

The compote can be served warm or cold!
Suggest leave the compote to infuse for 2-4 hours, then the taste will become richer.
Plum gives the drink a warm color.

Bon appetit!