Potato buns

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Potato rolls securely stuck in our family. For Breakfast, lunch or dinner. For sandwiches, burgers, hot sandwiches or just hot out of the oven to eat... a lot of Variants. Most importantly, find some time to cook these surprisingly tasty muffins.

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Ingredients for Potato buns

Step by step instruction of cooking Potato buns

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It is quite simple. Start with a clean sweet potato and cut into small pieces. Cook until tender in salted water.

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Fluff with fork and set aside to cool.

Шаг 3

Into the water stir in the yeast.

Шаг 4

Add the flour and 2 teaspoons aromatic sesame oil), salt, knead the dough. Add the sweet potatoes.

Шаг 5

Leave the dough for an hour or a little more. It should double in size. Actually, here!

Шаг 6

Ebonite slightly the dough, roll it "sausage", divide into 10 equal parts. In fact, you can make small rolls and large. I bake just large. All at your discretion.

Шаг 7

Leave the buns for another 30 minutes. Before baking, brush the bun is slightly sweet with a little water and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Шаг 8

My buns turned out great. Was baked at a temperature of 200 degrees for 20-23 minutes. You focus on your oven, of course.

Шаг 9

The buns cool under a towel and enjoy.

Шаг 10

Surprisingly, sweet potatoes and sesame oil buns turn out very tender. With a light walnut finish. Sweet enough, even though we have not added a single gram of sugar. Very tasty cut this roll along and put favorite cheese, or sausage, spread with butter and caviar or make a hamburger. Like me for his son.

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Enjoy it, lovers buns!