Ham dry-cured pork neck

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Jerked the neck differently as a delicacy and not name. If desired, it is possible to prepare at home. Not difficult, just need a little patience.

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Ingredients for Ham dry-cured pork neck

Step by step instruction of cooking Ham dry-cured pork neck

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First of all: the health safety of meat should not cause the slightest doubt.
Cut from the pork neck or shoulder cut of whole muscle, possibly more. Well, if you can cut a piece of meat weighing 700 - 900 g. Cutting off the excess, give the piece of meat the correct rounded shape.

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RUB the meat with salt and put in a plastic bag, expelling the air. Tying the package. We put the meat in the fridge. It is desirable that the temperature did not exceed 2 deg C. the Salting of the meat should last two weeks. Periodically, preferably once a day, lightly knead the meat.

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Half the work done - the meat we had salted. Now it should be jerked (dried). Take out the meat from the package, rinse under cold water, promochem paper towel, tied with twine and posted in a cool, ventilated place. Optimal conditions - temperature 13 deg C, humidity of 70 %.

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Meat will valitse about a month. No intervention is required - if only was maintained temperature and humidity. During this time the meat will lose weight 30-40 %. In principle, this criterion of readiness.