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Yeast dough without eggs

Yeast dough without eggs

Every comfort in the house associated with their components. For me personally, their 3: children laughing, a clean house and the smell of baking. So bake a lot. About 5 years ago on the Internet, I found a dough recipe without eggs. And now I cook it all the time. The dough is versatile, suitable both for sweet and not sweet cakes, buns, sausage rolls etc you Want to share with you. The recipe will still be interesting to those who are fasting. Although I cook all year round.

Cooking time 90 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Yeast dough without eggs

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Yeast dough without eggs

Step 1

After half an hour take out the dough, it should rise.

Step 2

Add sunflower oil and sifted flour, and knead our dough for about 15 minutes.

Step 3

Waiting for an hour, the dough should rise, follow, to not run away. Take it out and again repeat the procedure: knead and put to rise.

Step 4

All the dough is ready! This time baked pot pie with cranberries and sausage rolls.

Step 5

Cook in the bread maker, put ingredients in a certain order, and an hour and a half is an excellent dough!
Please follow this order of adding ingredients. Take a bucket for mixing and pour the hot water but not boiling water.

Step 6

Add sunflower oil

Step 7

Now salt

Step 8


Step 9

Now the flour of the number of sift and add.

Step 10

Only in the last turn add the yeast. I always use dry.

Step 11

Insert our bucket in the bread machine and turn on the mode "Dough" I have this mode lasts an hour and a half. The photo shows how thick it turns out the dough after 2 minutes of kneading.

Step 12

Here is the dough I did in the end

Step 13

Today cooked rolls

Step 14

Take high-capacity, pour in it hot water, but not boiling water, add salt, sugar and yeast, stir. Cover with a lid or towel and put in a warm place. I use the oven.