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Salad "eagle's Nest"

Salad "eagle's Nest"

Why is the name of the salad, she can not understand. The socket is not formed, of the eagle and close to be seen. A very ordinary salad. But the name is the same. The salad is quite nice, and there's still room for experimentation.

Cooking time 30 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Salad "eagle's Nest"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Salad "eagle's Nest"

Step 1

Take 3 eggs, a little salt and whisk

Step 2

The pan greased with oil and bake the eggs as thin pancakes on both sides. You should get 3 thin pancake.

Step 3

Turn pancakes with a roller

Step 4

Thin mode

Step 5

One egg cooked put.

Step 6

Chicken also cook until tender. Meat can be used anytime, not just chicken.

Step 7

Meat disassemble the fibers. Added to narrow strips of pancakes.

Step 8

Protein boiled finely mode. And added to pancakes and chicken.

Step 9

Boil the potatoes and RUB on a coarse grater. Add to the salad.

Step 10

Salad dressed with mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste. Steamed three yolks on a fine grater and decorate our salad.

Step 11

The salad is ready! Salad can be eksperimentirovat, for example, add the corn or roast carrot with onions. It is your imagination.