Grilled salmon "Sweet"

59 - 45 минут 2 порции

Here's another way of cooking fish. It's simple, fast, delicious. And on the holiday table is not ashamed to serve.

for Lent

Ingredients for Grilled salmon "Sweet"

Step by step instruction of cooking Grilled salmon "Sweet"

Шаг 1

The fish is cleaned from the scales, wash, blot with paper towel.
Cut out the backbone and cut into two portions.

Шаг 2

In a large flat dish pour soy sauce.
I use light naturally brewed from TM Kikkoman.

Шаг 3

To the sauce add the sugar and spices.

Шаг 4

Put in a sauce the fish skin-side down, to lubricate and top.
Leave for 10 minutes.

Шаг 5

Then to turn the fish.
Simmer for 10 minutes.

Шаг 6

Vegetables wash, dry.
Slice the onions and eggplant, green onions, tomatoes, pierce with a toothpick.
To prepare vegetable oil.

Шаг 7

Preheat grill pan on high heat.
Fish and vegetables are oiled (easy to do with a brush) and put it in the pan.
That is when you use the grill pan should be lubricated with oil products and not to put.

Шаг 8

Fry on high heat for 2 - 3 minutes on each side.
Serve with grilled vegetables, watering lemon juice and adding lemon.
Optional when serving, season with salt sea salt.