Carp baked with oranges and celery

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For lovers of river fish! Very fragrant, tasty dish of fresh carp, diet and healthy! And which is impregnated with baked vegetables and oranges!

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Ingredients for Carp baked with oranges and celery

Step by step instruction of cooking Carp baked with oranges and celery

Шаг 1

Carp to clean, gut, remove gills and rinse well;
On the skin of carp to make a few cuts across both sides;
Several circles of orange spread in a baking dish in the center.

Шаг 2

On orange slices spread of carp, sprinkle 1 tbsp of soy sauce and drizzle with orange juice;

Шаг 3

Carp flipped;
The edges of carp to put celery stalks, cherry tomatoes, head of garlic, cut in half, Chile, cut lengthwise, 3-4 slices of orange;
To pour all the oil, sprinkle with orange juice and pour rest of soy sauce;

Шаг 4

Bake at 190 degrees until done;
Serve either warm or cold.