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Apple millefeuille

Apple millefeuille

Hi all. I want to introduce you another delicious and easy dish. It's very, very tasty cake or cupcake. And cooked very easily. Hope you like it.

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Ingredients for Apple millefeuille

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Apple millefeuille

Step 1

The dough should roll out slightly and cut into 3 pieces of about 12 to 25 cm.

Step 2

Bake the plate in the oven until cooked. Can be baked as well, and trim the dough to get the crumb topping.

Step 3

In the pan put sugar and butter. Melt.

Step 4

Thin slices chop the apples and put in the frying pan. Fry, then pour a little water and stew until soft. Cool.

Step 5

On the first cake the cake spread half the apples, sprinkle with sugar and whipped cream. Cover with the second cake layer and repeat the procedure. Top cake just pour the cream and sprinkle with crumbs.