Dracena cheese

245 - 50 минут 4 порции

This recipe is from "the Book about tasty and healthy food" reprint 1992. Hearty, delicious and nutritious whether casserole with bread, or cheese omelet. It turns out very lush and tender. Wonderful rich Breakfast, snack or dinner. Who was accustomed to. It's quick and easy, and available products. Help yourself.

Ingredients for Dracena cheese

Step by step instruction of cooking Dracena cheese

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Itself prescription and products.

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With bread cut off crusts, cut into small cubes, pour the hot milk.
To separate whites from yolks, proteins vzbit in a solid foam.
Cheese to grate on a coarse grater.

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After five minutes, mix well with a fork soaked bread, add the egg yolks and cheese (leave some for topping), salt. The amount of salt depends on the saltiness of the cheese. Mix thoroughly and gently several methods to introduce proteins.

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Grease a refractory form 20 g of butter, evenly distributing the mixture 1.5-2 cm tall. Sprinkle with remaining cheese. Send in a preheated 160 deg. the oven for 25-35 minutes.

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Ready dracena pour the remaining melted butter.

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Sprinkle with herbs and serve. Ready!