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Vegetable salad with sprats

Vegetable salad with sprats

Very tasty salad with spicy dressing, simple and tasty ingredients, a variety of Lenten table!

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Ingredients for Vegetable salad with sprats

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Vegetable salad with sprats

Step 1

To the salad was the most delicious, all chopped ingredients should be approximately the same number visually;
Potatoes, carrots, radishes cut into not very small cubes;

Step 2

Add the peas, chopped onion, and sliced cornichons;

Step 3

Add sliced sprats;

Step 4

For the filling mix the ingredients, pour over salad, stir and refrigerate for 30 minutes;

Step 5

Serve the salad in a common salad bowl and a La carte, including in tarts;
Vegetable tarts you can cook for yourself, and you can buy a ready;