Lenten doughnuts from KaméRA

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Donuts is interesting because in the test there is no flour, milk, eggs. Lean, but what a gentle, soft, slightly spicy donuts are served a snack accompanied by hot sauce. The only thing to deep fry everything also need vegetable oil (but the donuts are absolutely not absorb oil).

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Ingredients for Lenten doughnuts from KaméRA

Step by step instruction of cooking Lenten doughnuts from KaméRA

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Small white beans of "Black eye" pour plenty of water, leave for 5 hours (or overnight). Then the beans are carefully rubbed between your hands right in the water. Need to get rid of transparencies, and black dots. Drain the water, here is a primary result of (waste photo). Again, pour the beans with water, repeat the procedure. And so several times until the whole roll was gone.

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When the drained water will be almost no waste, pour the beans with clean water and laying out a tiny little bit on your palm, to check the purity of the bean, removing the remaining black spots and film. Fold the beans into the bowl. The main work on the preparation of the bean complete.

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That is absolutely smooth, the dough should look. The more You grind the beans, the lighter and tastier will be donuts. Add melkorublenoy herbs, salt (not perezalit must be almost dosolenny taste), mix well. The consistency of the dough as thick cream.

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In a saucepan heat enough for deep frying the amount of oil (so that the doughnuts floating in it). I check the readiness of oil by throwing a piece of raw potato. If potato is "bubbled", then the oil is hot enough. The batter to drop in the fryer with the help of two tablespoons. One spoon to scoop the dough (incomplete spoon, not to do big donuts) and the other to quickly move the batter in the deep fryer. Fry on the fire a little smaller than average until Golden brown on all sides, turning gently with a fork. Donuts are fried quickly for about 2 minutes on each side. Before each new batch, the dough mix.

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Ready donuts spread on a cloth to get rid of excess oil. I was expecting guests, so I cooked a lot of donuts (it was about 50 pieces). You can take 1 Cup of beans, reducing the number of other ingredients. Serve donuts hot or warm with any spicy sauce, and hot sauce. And the children eating hot doughnuts just.