Bread caviar

144 - 20 минут 4 порции

Delicate purée of bread, garlic and walnuts. Great lean snack! Beautiful in itself, and combined with fresh or boiled vegetables. I never would have thought that such simple ingredients can turn out so good! Cooked recipe from the book "encyclopedia of Orthodox cuisine" with slightly modified proportions.

Ingredients for Bread caviar

Step by step instruction of cooking Bread caviar

Шаг 1

Our simple ingredients.
The bread should be without scabs.

Шаг 2

Pieces of bread, pour water and leave for 15 minutes for swelling.

Шаг 3

Walnuts grind into fine crumbs

Шаг 4

Garlic passed through the press

Шаг 5

Combine the garlic and walnuts. Pour in the soy sauce.

Шаг 6

With stress get crushed with a pestle

Шаг 7

Squeeze the bread and send it to the nuts with the garlic. The water in which the soaked bread, and pour. Stir the mixture with a mixer or fork. Add 2 tablespoons water, vegetable oil and lemon juice. Whisk until a homogeneous lush mass.

Шаг 8

Put into a suitable container.