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Chicken with vegetables in Lebanese

Chicken with vegetables in Lebanese

Ordinary chicken with vegetables, but with the Arab-Lebanese feature of the cooking."Ruthie" fragrant and hearty home cooking dish will not leave anyone indifferent. Come visit our Sunday lunch.

Cooking time 105 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Chicken with vegetables in Lebanese

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Chicken with vegetables in Lebanese

Step 1

Our products for preparation.

Step 2

Still, we need potatoes and carrots. Potatoes should be cut into large quarters, to wash and to dry out. Toast it should be dry, the potatoes will absorb less oil.
We need carrots for the broth

Step 3

Chicken legs or like I need to put to cook. After boiling, add carrots, onions and Bay leaves. leaf, black pepper and cardamom... and cook until tender. I had cardamom seeds and I got 4 pieces cardamom is placed already at your discretion. If not, then to buy and not worth it.
Cooked chicken to disassemble the pieces, I always remove the skin.

Step 4

Meanwhile, heats the oil and fry the potatoes until Golden brown.

Step 5

And put in our form for baking

Step 6

On potatoes to put mushrooms.

Step 7

Then comes the turn of peas.

Step 8

Put the chicken pieces and onion on top. Between all the layers a bit prisalivaya, I took his nut flavored salt.

Step 9

Then pour the broth, he should get to the meat layer. Spread the tomatoes and put bake in the oven for 45-50 minutes at temp.200 deg.

Step 10

When all is ready, then you can mix well and try for salt.

Step 11

All served with rice.
Bon appetit.