Cake "Kokosanka"

62 - 80 минут 8 порции

I suggest to try a simple recipe of the delicious cake with which to handle even a beginner cook. Available ingredients, minimum effort and on the table a delicious dessert! All fans of coconut dedicated!

Ingredients for Cake "Kokosanka"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "Kokosanka"

Шаг 1

To prepare the sponge cake separate the whites from the yolks. Beat the yolks and white.

Шаг 2

Beat the whites to a solid foam. Whites in a thin stream, add sugar, continuing to mix. In whipped with sugar proteins add the sifted flour and the egg yolks, gently stir the dough until smooth.

Шаг 3

I baked the cake in a slow cooker, you can of course bake it in the oven.
Butter Cup multivarki, put into it the dough, put on the mode "Pastries". After time to check the readiness with a skewer.

Шаг 4

The finished cake to put on the bars, cool completely and cut into three Korzh.

Шаг 5

Before applying the cream cakes impregnated with syrup. I used sea buckthorn syrup homemade. You can take any to your taste. Soaked cakes need to send in the refrigerator overnight. If time does not wait, and immediately coat the cakes with cream.

Шаг 6

For the cream cheese mixture to add a little cream to give it the pomp and whisk. Gradually stir in cold condensed milk, add coconut and mix thoroughly.

Шаг 7

To coat cakes with cream, to decorate. Put into the refrigerator to cool.

I as a decoration used remnants of coconut and chocolate decoration made using silicone molds.

Шаг 8

Bon appetit!

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In the cut :)