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Pizza cabbage

Pizza cabbage

Offer you the option to "fake" pizza. Delicious, wildly useful and easy to prepare. We will prepare this about once a week. All fed, unloading meat and a variety. Any filling of your choice and is limited only by your imagination.

Cooking time 60 minutes Number of servings6

Ingredients for Pizza cabbage

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pizza cabbage

Step 1

First you need to make a pizza base. Instead of the test we will have a cauliflower. Blend it in a blender.

Step 2

The most important trick to our Kale dough was falling apart and not champed. Put the cabbage in the microwave for fifteen minutes, then put in cheesecloth and really wring them out. Get extra up to 200 grams of water.

Step 3

Add a teaspoon of salt and one egg.

Step 4

Spices. Oregano and garlic powder. Plus in the dough, add 100g of mozzarella.

Step 5

Mix well and place on baking paper. You can make your pizza round or any one you like, shape. Good shape and put them in the oven to Browning.

Step 6

That is the beautiful, rosy and fragrant, the Foundation is already ready.

Step 7

Smear tomato paste or stewed tomatoes. Any tomato sauce.

Step 8

On top put the mushrooms and shrimp.

Step 9

Add bell peppers, Narva pieces ( or grate) the mozzarella and sprinkle with Parmesan.

Step 10

Put them in the oven for another 7 min at a temperature of 200 degrees. Look, in any case, only on their oven.

Step 11

Here and ready our Goodies-utility. Decorate with Basil, slice, pour a glass of cold white wine and enjoy!

Step 12

Bon appétit!