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Salad "My desire"

Salad "My desire"

Still apparently spring acts)), - felt the lack of vitamins and other "herbal" products. I've seen enough of the salads, I have been reading about delicious combinations, and I was born here so impromptu. Planned for dinner simple vitamin salad, but! We girls light means go)). Taken out of the refrigerator all that more or less wanted now to eat, and flew the soul to heaven, or rather in the creative cooking process. To my surprise came out very very tasty! Fresh, juicy, crisp and satisfying! Come, my dear, try it!

Cooking time 20 minutes Number of servings2

Ingredients for Salad "My desire"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Salad "My desire"

Step 1

Everything is quite simple - that is our original products

Step 2

Laminaria to open, drain, put into a bowl.
Slice the light part of pecinci, about half of head (in General refer to different proportions of cabbage were about the same visually), mix all in one bowl.

Step 3

Apples good wash, I used with the peel, wanted to "paint" in the salad and half an Apple cut into strips, sprinkle immediately with lemon juice to avoid darkening.
Pineapple can be cut into smaller pieces, but not to make it too small!
Add all to the cabbage.

Step 4

All the ingredients for dressing in a bowl combine and beat well

Step 5

Shrimp peel, olives cut in half.
Salad out onto a plate, put the prawns and olives, abundantly watered with dressing, give a little stand, and it is desirable to cool.

Step 6

The salad was very tasty, juicy, with a spicy note refills, sea cabbage, fresh Chinese cabbage, Apple, sweet aftertaste of pineapple and somewhere taaam catching shrimp-olive taste))
Help yourself!