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Cabbage soup with white mushrooms

Cabbage soup with white mushrooms

Very tasty soup, not only healthy and lean, but quick cooking!

Cooking time- Number of servings5

Ingredients for Cabbage soup with white mushrooms

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cabbage soup with white mushrooms

Step 1

I cooked in a slow cooker, but it is also quickly prepared the soup in the saucepan;
vegetables and herbs to cut arbitrarily and add to the bowl;

Step 2

Add soy sauce (3 tbsp) water;
Mix and cook 20 minutes after boiling;

Step 3

While preparing soup, mushrooms (I have frozen white young), thawed, I use a microwave;

Step 4

Cut the mushrooms into strips;

Step 5

Put in sauce pan, add soy sauce and oil for frying;

Step 6

Sauté mushrooms until light crunch;
Remove them without oil on a plate;

Step 7

The vegetables with the broth ready;

Step 8

Blend the soup, adding turmeric to your taste;

Step 9

Pour into soup bowls, add mushrooms, chopped cashews, green onions and a little water mushroom oil from frying;
Delicious warm or chilled!