Pickles in 7 minutes

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Seen similar recipes, but this kind of saw. This is the fastest recipe of pickled cucumbers just before eating.

Ingredients for Pickles in 7 minutes

Step by step instruction of cooking Pickles in 7 minutes

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The recipe is extremely simple, as 2 dice to add up. You will need only a microwave.

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In principle, can be rented, and 9% vinegar (5 tbsp), but with Apple tastier.

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Cucumber wash, cut into slices (0.5 cm), put into fireproof dish.

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Add all the spices, mix well.

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Put in microwave for 7 minutes at a power of 750W. During this time, three times to mix the cucumbers in the marinade.

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To get, to drain the separated juice - brine-marinade. After a couple of minutes to go in the fridge. All.

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Pour vodka or roast potatoes. Can I have a hamburger or pizza to cook.

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Bon appetit!

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PS If You have a microwave power less than 750W, just increase the cooking time by 1 minute