Fluffy pancakes "Pancake"

145 - 25 минут 2 порции

Sharing with you my simple recipe for making delicious, delicate and airy pancakes or, as they are called American pancakes. They are perfect for a wholesome Breakfast or afternoon dessert, or snack.

Ingredients for Fluffy pancakes "Pancake"

Step by step instruction of cooking Fluffy pancakes "Pancake"

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1. Break two eggs, add sugar, a glass of milk and stir well to combine everything with a whisk.

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2. Mix all dry ingredients between them and add them to the milk-egg mixture.

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3. Mix well the dough with an egg beater.

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4. The pancake should bake on a dry, well-heated pan.

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5. Ready pancake portion lay full on top and pour in any favorite syrup, honey or jam.