Burgers "Juicy" universal

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Offer you a recipe of cutlets, which supplanted all other options. Unnoticed. Unexpectedly. Recipe for incredibly juicy burgers Without eggs, no bread. Do not rush to throw a Shoe at me. Great burgers themselves, Burger, with some bread or salad! Try it! Bon appetit!

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Ingredients for Burgers "Juicy" universal

Step by step instruction of cooking Burgers "Juicy" universal

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Shall we? I think I embellished 25 minutes. Everything is simple and clear. Take the minced meat, add finely chopped capers, cucumbers, red onions. Add salt and stir.

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Add garlic powder.

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Form small patties. Can be frozen if not needed immediately, and then cook as needed. We just eat. The family is large and voracious;)

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Here are the cute burgers!

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Or just juicy burgers... As you like! Equally tasty and juicy! And nothing more.

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Bon appétit! Enjoy juicy and incredibly delicious cakes!