Chocolate oatmeal from John. Oliver

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A very simple recipe for cooking oatmeal. The dry mixture can be prepared in large quantity. It is well stored in a tightly sealed jar and, after some time, becomes more aromatic. It can be boiled in milk and water, it turns out very tasty. Recommend!

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Ingredients for Chocolate oatmeal from John. Oliver

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolate oatmeal from John. Oliver

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Everything is very simple. In the bowl of a blender ( plastic nozzle for mixing products ) put all the ingredients.

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Turn on the blender for a few seconds, until a homogeneous mass. Pour our Breakfast cereal in a tightly sealed jar. All.

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Cooking can be as milk and water, which I did. Salt and sugar add to taste. Before serving you can sprinkle crushed nuts or coconut. Bon appetit!